American Pie 2

I didn't do this foryou.
Thanks, dude.
Where's my big guy?
Oh, my God!

Oh, no.
[ Screams ]

-im, we got here a little early.

- Dad, get out!
- I'll wait in the car.

Go, Dad!
Oh, my-- Geez.

Was that your dad?

- I'm so sorry.
- For your own edification,

son, I just--
I'm not embarrassed.

- I am!
- It's a perfectly
normal thing for two--

- Dad, what are you doing?
- This is human nature.
Human nature at its best.

Son, everybody does it.
Your mother and I--
Well, not so much anymore.

Got your favorite.
Oh, my God! They're fucking!

- No! No!
- Honey, honey, listen. No, no.
I'm gonna take her--

Pleasejust go!
ifyou wouldn't mind.

Honey-- I'll take her
to the car.

[ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ]

Hi, Mama.

- Natalie!
- l'm Jim 's dad.

You must be the parents
ofthis young lady.

I'm sorry I didn't get her name,
but hopefully my son did...

because I have not been
here the whole time.

because I have not been
here the whole time.

Natalie, get dressed!

- Beer?
- [Man] Avertyoureyes!
Turn around!

[Natalie] Thanks,Jim.
You don't believe in locks?
Oh, my God.

More time apart willgiveyou
a fewmore months to argue

ls this too much to live through
lt alwaysseemedto farto

Drive thepoint home
Sendmore letters

Ends up better

Heya, fuckface.
- Mornin', dude.
- ome on, Ozzy.
It's show time.

Ozzy, before you go to Ann Arbor
to pick up Heather, I wanna
show you what you're missing.

See what they are today, dude.
See what they are today.

Okay, here wego.
Moment oftruth.

There's little hearts
on her panties!

There's little hearts
on her panties! ome on, look,
you pussy. Look.