American Pie 2

You remembermy first
collegesummer? We rented
that lake house in GrandHarbor.

We treatedeverydayout there
like it wasapost-promparty.

Hellofa time. We cappedit
alloffwith a massive blowout.

Best ever.
lt waslegendary.

Myadvice is do that.
Bythe endofthesummer,

you'regonna see
the bigpicture.

I love adventure
Nothing's better to me


She's on the phone.
She's on the phone.
It's long distance.

Nadia! Nadia!

New York. She's on-- Hello.
Yes, dear, he's right here.

Here. Wait.
Now remember--

Yes, I am sure to go
see the Lion King.

Right. And don't ride
the subway after midnight.

I know they've done
wonderful things with that city,
but, you know, for me--

- Dad!
- He's right-- Hang on.

Hey-- Hey, Nadia.

How was college?
ollege was excellent.

Yeah. Yeah, it was--
it was really excellent.

You have not forgotten
about me, have you?

No. I, uh--
Absolutely not.

I defiinitely didn't.
Good, because guess what?

I'm coming to see you
at the end ofsummer.

I hope you're ready
for me...

because I have not forgotten
about you either, you sexy boy.

[Jim] Shit.
[Finch]Jim, you can
eat hot dogs tomorrow.

No, no, Finch,
it's not the hot dogs.

Nadia called me
this morning.

She's coming here
at the end ofthe summer
and she wants to see me.

- Oh, that's killer.
- Yeah, that's a good thing.

No, not ''good thing.''
Not ''killer.''

I'll never be able
to do it.

Nadia is gonna be expecting
fiilet mignon.

Okay, and all I'm gonna
be able to give her...

is rump roast.