Apsolutnih sto

Free drinks, man.

Please, 1 5 minutes only.
You are my dearest guest
tonight. You know why?

There are Ministers, cops,
position, opposition.

But you are the
only champion.

They don't worth a dime.
-Let's go.

Easy, sister.
Let's have another drink.

and three whiskeys.

I've watched you today.
You're fantastic.

I would like you
to teach me something.

OK, but it's not free.
As your shooting hours.

Don't get mad, champion.
It's not my fault

that your junkie brother
sold the gallery.

I need some fresh air.

I'll go and check Sanja.
Fuck, I only wanted
to help. I paid for it.

What's the matter with you?
You're making a scene. -What?

He must show respect
to the man. -What man?

Listen, champion.
This is not for public eyes.

Hold it!
What, you don't have a gun?
-I know nothing about it.

If you like it
you can have it.

You and I have something
in common.

We are both big
in our line of work.

That's why we understand
each other.

You said you need more
time to practice.

No problem.
If it was somebody else,
I would've kicked his ass.