Bella Martha

- You're the new neighbour?

Was the music too loud?
- No.

I live in the apartment above you.
And I thought,
as you have only just moved in

You can't have settled in yet.
Yeah, it's all a bit chaotic.
I haven't had time to clear
it all up.

I've made something to eat.
You hungry?

Are you inviting me to dinner?
- No...

I could bring you something.
You don't even know me!
You're Samuel Thalberg.
An architect,

divorced, 2 kids.
Friends call you Sam.

Frau Schumann talks too much.
The gossip in the basement.
Don't listen to her,
she thinks I'm nuts.

And you are?
- A chef.

Martha Klein.
- Nice to meet you, Martha.

If you're hungry...
- I've an appointment.

I'm sorry.
Don't let me keep you.

Maybe some other time.
- Yes, maybe.

What'll I cook?
Nothing, we'll order pizza
or eat out.

No, that's out of the question.
What does Lina like?
- Everything.

Except oysters.
Nothing that's alive.

No oysters, okay.
- Hang on.

Lina, I've told you
a hundred times

to take off
your rollerskates outside!

Sorry. You still there?
- Yes.

- I'm talking. What are your plans?

No plans.
- Go to the theatre, the movies.

It's your day off, right?
Call a friend,
have a nice meal,

go dancing afterwards.
- Maybe I will.

But do it,
don't just say you will.