Bellini e a Esfinge

Iwant you to find a girl.
Her name's Ana Cintia Lopes.

She must be eighteen.
She's a dancer at the Cocktail,
a nightclub on Augusta St.

A month ago,
she simply disappeared.

Could you be more specific, please?
I met her four months ago.
Every time I had to see
a patient at night...

I parked my carclose to the club...
and watched her. Brunette,
dark shoulder-lenght hair...

thick eyebrows and dark eyes
full of deep melancholy.

She was slim,
but had well-built legs.

I fell in love wlth her before
she even knew I existed.

One day, I let go off my fears
and invlted her...

for a drive.
From then on we met regularly...
on days and times
arranged by phone.

I spent wonderful nights with her.
Around a month ago, we arranged
to meet near the club as usual...

on the sidewalk...
in front of the Cocktail.
But she didn't show up.
After then, she vanished.

That's when I decided to look
for her. But to my surprise...

no one knew her at the club.
How come?
You just said she worked there.

To care for my good reputation
I avoided going to such places.