Bellini e a Esfinge

for a drive.
From then on we met regularly...
on days and times
arranged by phone.

I spent wonderful nights with her.
Around a month ago, we arranged
to meet near the club as usual...

on the sidewalk...
in front of the Cocktail.
But she didn't show up.
After then, she vanished.

That's when I decided to look
for her. But to my surprise...

no one knew her at the club.
How come?
You just said she worked there.

To care for my good reputation
I avoided going to such places.

I never entered Cocktail
or any other nightclubs.

I was a kind of...
- So you admit she lied.

Did she have enemies?
- Any protector or pimp?
- Was she on drugs?

Do you know where she lives?
Does she know where you work?

- Does she know where you live?
- Of course not.

I know nothing about her, neither
she knows anything about me.

It was part of our game.
Well, Mrs. Lobo...
this must be enough
to start the investigation.

Sure, it's more than enough.
I don't need to remind you...