Bellini e a Esfinge

I'm Bellini, I called you.
Would you like some soup?
No, thanks.
I'll introduce you to
some old critter. Come with me.

Stone, you little fucking dealer...
cooperate with my friend here.
He asks...

and you answer.
Did you copy that?

Haven't we met before?
I ask, you answer.
Be quick, then.
I'll talk to you...

just to please that fucking cop!
Do you know a whore
called Ana Cintia?

Any missing dancer
from the Cocktail?

- A few.
- Dinéia?

I performed some shows with her.
Fine, brunette, dark long hair...
slim, but has got such a butt!

She is pregnant.
Just don't ask me who the father is.

Anybody else?
She went to Japan for a Samba show.
She's the so-called
"mulata monument".

By now she might be married to a
tiny-eyed sucker with a tinier cock.

Save your jokes.
All right, moron.
You're the boss.

There's Camila, too.