Bellini e a Esfinge

Do you know a whore
called Ana Cintia?

Any missing dancer
from the Cocktail?

- A few.
- Dinéia?

I performed some shows with her.
Fine, brunette, dark long hair...
slim, but has got such a butt!

She is pregnant.
Just don't ask me who the father is.

Anybody else?
She went to Japan for a Samba show.
She's the so-called
"mulata monument".

By now she might be married to a
tiny-eyed sucker with a tinier cock.

Save your jokes.
All right, moron.
You're the boss.

There's Camila, too.
She used to perform electrifying
shows with Miguel, "the Indian".

A strong Chilean guy, bisexual...
...are you interested?
- What's she like?

Tall, well-built...
shoulder-lenght hair...
such a beautiful bitch!

Where's she?
In Santos, she's from there.
I heard she wasn't feeling well
when she performed with the Indian.

Camila's not easy, she's nuts.
Totally fucked up.

I've sold her crack.
What's the deal in Santos?
Who knows? It seems
she went to look for a job...

nothing heavy, you know.
Wait, wait!
Have you ever seen a weird-looking
old man in front of the Cocktail?