Bellini e a Esfinge

I found someone who knows Camila.
This is Mrs. Luisa, mister.
- Santos' nightlife queen.
- Queen?

- How cute!
- My pretty...

What do you want from Camila?
I'm her client...
you know...
I miss her.
Camila's very beautiful.
That bitch's so beautiful
I couldn't keep her here.

She's in Las Vegas.
It seems she really wanted
to get away from me.

Don't worry, captain.
This Las Vegas is right next door.

- Isn't it?
- Oh, yeah.

Wake up, doll.
But Las Vegas's closed tonight.
They'll just open tomorrow.
How about this sex kitten here?
We'll be right back.
- Hello?
- Nothing yet?

Everything's under control.
I'll meet Camila tonight.

What about the necklace?
Did you find out anything?