Burnt Money

He'd been on radio and TV
and even made a record.

He soon fell into drugs
and lost his voice.
His cousin was big
in the Peronist party.

As a city administrator,
he found out all about the money
at a finance meeting.

Florian needed
a gang he could trust,

some professionals
to take care of everything.

The operation must be safe.
If the information isn't right...

I checked it myself.
Fontana was the invisible man,
the magic mind.

He kept his distance.
Only he could have set up
the pay truck robbery in two days.

Once, by mistake,
Fontana went to prison

with the political prisoners.
He met Fernando Aguilera there.
Nando, a lawyer

and a dedicated nationalist.
Recruit new ones.
Guys who've never met.
With no time to know each other.

I can't do it without Cuervo.
Take Bazan off then.
They know each other too well.
Nando provided the contacts
with weapon dealers, hideouts

and the deals with the police.
Have you ever heard
of The Twins?

Among crooks
to bury yourself

means to hide
until it's time to strike.

To bury, disappear
until it's time.

You must wait till they
leave the bank.

Don't mind the guards.
They are two old guys
ready to retire.

You get them here.