Burnt Money

Guys who've never met.
With no time to know each other.

I can't do it without Cuervo.
Take Bazan off then.
They know each other too well.
Nando provided the contacts
with weapon dealers, hideouts

and the deals with the police.
Have you ever heard
of The Twins?

Among crooks
to bury yourself

means to hide
until it's time to strike.

To bury, disappear
until it's time.

You must wait till they
leave the bank.

Don't mind the guards.
They are two old guys
ready to retire.

You get them here.
No other choice. Got it?
The idea is for it
to look like an accident,

so we can surprise them.
Am I right?

Oscar Di Pasquo, alias Cuervo,
was chosen as a driver.

On an operation like this
the man at the wheel

makes the difference
between life and death,

between escaping
or being trapped.

Cuervo got a Chevrolet
in LanĂºs,

from a guy who bought
stolen cars off the police.

Cuervo was a sedative addict.
He took almost a jar a day.

It gave him
a quiet vision of life,

and turned him
into an excellent driver,

Blank mind. Cold blooded.
Equal to none.

Those days Cuervo also had
an extra advantage:

A flat he shared with Vivi,
his girlfriend.

It could be a hide out.
Cuervo said the flat
wasn't watched by the police.

Fontana was definite about it:
He asked them all to be there,
even Vivi who knew everything.