Burnt Money

He has a lot more to lose
than his share of the money.

If they find he was in,
he'll kill us all.

And that includes you, Nando.
We're lepers,
police murderers.

To Uruguay. As soon as possible,
with all the money.
For the Police, the robbery
turned into an obsession.

The death of the officers
was a red ember in their hands.

Any croissants, Elsa?
There aren't any left.
It's been busy today.

They moved fast,
with all their might.

The usual suspects
were the first ones down.

They wanted results.
No, not now.
Pressed by the situation,
the corrupt officers

dropped Fontana's name.
They had no way out.
But they couldn't reach him.

- Is Chancho in today?
- He's in his office.

All the evidence they had
was the military machine gun,

the one Angel left behind.
Florian Barrios was seen
by a witness

testing a similar gun
at a shooting range.

Florian was the one
who could take them to Fontana.

Florian was the key.