Burnt Money

dropped Fontana's name.
They had no way out.
But they couldn't reach him.

- Is Chancho in today?
- He's in his office.

All the evidence they had
was the military machine gun,

the one Angel left behind.
Florian Barrios was seen
by a witness

testing a similar gun
at a shooting range.

Florian was the one
who could take them to Fontana.

Florian was the key.
Vivi knows now why Cuervo
didn't want to mention Uruguay.

But she doesn't repent
making him tell her.

She wanted him to resist
and say nothing.

He should have protected her.
She always knew
truth was dangerous.

If she knew nothing,
she'd have said nothing.

"Whose fault is it, then?"
Vivi thinks.

But she doesn't feel guilty.
She doesn't feel anything.

Even if Cuervo kissed her, now,
she would feel nothing.