Burnt Money

Vivi knows now why Cuervo
didn't want to mention Uruguay.

But she doesn't repent
making him tell her.

She wanted him to resist
and say nothing.

He should have protected her.
She always knew
truth was dangerous.

If she knew nothing,
she'd have said nothing.

"Whose fault is it, then?"
Vivi thinks.

But she doesn't feel guilty.
She doesn't feel anything.

Even if Cuervo kissed her, now,
she would feel nothing.

Buenos Aires.
It's shit.

Worse than Bilbao,
worse than Marseille.

Buenos Aires is a prison.
The streets
are like a prison yard.

People move quietly, dryly,
Iooking cautiously
as if to avoid being wiped out.

I wish I never come back.
In English "I wish"
is said "I wish".

"I wish" means "I desire".
I desire Nene.
I wish he leaves Buenos Aires.

He's like his city.
He hates himself, he feeds on hate.

I want to save him.
I can save him.

Somewhere else.
You shouldn't smoke here.