Burnt Money

What are you looking at?
Don't you know
the cold makes it smaller?

Want to keep on looking?

Saw the pictures?
You saw them?
They're everywhere.
Remember I'm
doing this for you.

Any problems and I'll know
who's to blame.

You stare because you're dumb
or because you're a fag?

Or both?
Tell me.

I'm curious.
Scientific interest.

Got it from the old man.
Is being queer
and retarded connected?

Or just the luck of the draw?
Because it's really bad luck.
Angel! Cut it out...
Stop it!
Stop, you can't, Angel!
So, were you born like that,
or did it grow on you?

- That's it!
- I'm just telling him...

Did you hear him?
I'm no retard!

- He called me...
- A fag!

I called you a fag!
That's it! A fag!

A fag!
I'd kill you if it
weren't for the old man.

I'll stick this
up your ass, fucker!

Stay out of sight
five days, at least.

I need time to get the I. Ds.
So be still.
You can't be too careful.
We'll keep in touch
through Nando,