Burnt Money

Because it's really bad luck.
Angel! Cut it out...
Stop it!
Stop, you can't, Angel!
So, were you born like that,
or did it grow on you?

- That's it!
- I'm just telling him...

Did you hear him?
I'm no retard!

- He called me...
- A fag!

I called you a fag!
That's it! A fag!

A fag!
I'd kill you if it
weren't for the old man.

I'll stick this
up your ass, fucker!

Stay out of sight
five days, at least.

I need time to get the I. Ds.
So be still.
You can't be too careful.
We'll keep in touch
through Nando,

it's best.
If you see this face again,
- it's a bad sign.
- We can't wait that long.

Five days. Ten. A hundred.
It's the same for you.
You're moles.
I want you under cover

and out of the light.
Cuervo, what is there
to do here?

What's good here?
Hold on...
- You write their numbers?
- What else is a phone book for?

Gabriela, Gladys, Gloria.
They're all whores!
The fullest address book
in Latin America.

So weren't you so in love?
Vivi has my heart
but I have my cock with me.