Corky Romano

Victim was shot, mutilated,
and dragged.

No consistency of clumps and
bile stain on magazine caddy.

Set time of death at 6.00 p.m.
Hi. Hey, ma'am, how are you?
- Hey, mister.
- Hello, agent.

Hey, do you guys smell that?
What's going on?

How are you?
- Agent.
- Hi.

Oh, sweet Jesus!
Oh, my God. Oh, God.
What is it? You got something?
What happened?
Shouldn't we call someone?
Aah! Oh, my God!
What is this?

What is that?
Is that his wiener?

Shouldn't we have somebody
put that back on?

Maggots... that is so gross.
Maggots? Where?
Right there,
in their larval stage.

Maggots take
at least eighteen hours...

Wait a minute. Maggots take
at least 18 hours to hatch.

You're right.
Change the time of death from
6.00 p.m. to before 12.00 p.m.

Good work, agent.
Jackpot... a full kilo.
Someone want to run this over
to evidence?

Yes, I... I...
Where is that?
We're here. Nice work, agent.
- Oh, thanks.
- Good-bye.

Well, we can't chitchat
all day, can we?