Corky Romano

In fact, profits are up 150%/% .
What do you want?
Can you help Jojo?
I think he's sick.

Yeah, sure, kid.
I'll fix him right up for you.

See, kid? Jojo's all fixed up.
He just needed a new liver.
- How much?
- What do you got?

Well, keep up
the good work, OK?

I'll be back lickety-split.
Bye, now.

This will be love
I've had
The time of my life
And I've never felt
this way before

This, I swear
Is the truth
Sir, could you be a sport...
and open the door for me,
please, sir?

OK, I see.
Let me out of here!
And I'm going to...
Sir, could you please
not do that? Sir?

Please don't do that.
Come on. Sir.

Come on. Don't do that.
Come on, sir.

Look out for that truck.
Ow! Arm! Arm!

Excuse me. Sir.
Hi. How are you?

Off of the car!
Hey, I got
a little problem here.