Corky Romano

What the hell is the matter
with you, dumbass?

You nearly got us killed.
What are you, retarded? Huh?

- What happened? You OK?
- Is everybody OK here?

- Oh, I'm fine.
- You OK?

I'm in control.
Just a little fender bender.

I'm totally in control.
What are you doing here?
All right, out of the car.
Come on, let's do it.
Assume the position.

Aw, come on!
Against the car.
What the hell
is all this stuff?

I'm helping my cousin move.
OK, boys,
tear this dago wagon apart.

Leave no seat unslashed.
Hold it!
This guy just called me a dork.
- No, he didn't.
- No. Yeah, he did.

- I don't think he did.
- I saw... I read his lips.

This guy?
It's me. Corky. Hi.
On the ground, both of you!
All fours. All fours.
I got a little gift for you.
Sorry I didn't have time
to wrap it.

Pissant, take it easy.
People are watching.