Daddy and Them

I stayed on your ass is the only reason
you fixed any of it.

And the only reason you got
that one that means "God"...

is to take my attention
off of her being all over you!

I didn't necessarily say it meant "God."
That one guy in there
said it meant "God."

The other guy said it was a weed whacker
on a Communist flag or somethin'.

And they don't even
believe in God... or Jesus.

Honey, I just picked it off
a picture on he wall...

'cause it called out
o me cosmic.

And you know I'd put your name
on me anytime, anywhere.

I don't want it!
You think I wanna be just like her?

Thanks, and no hanks.
Thanks, and no thanks!
Thanks, and no thanks!
Thanks, and no thanks!

Communists don't believe
in God or Jesus?

I heard they're short
on toilet paper too.

How do you know that?
That guy I used to work with,
the one I told you about...

till this tractor run over him
and killed him?

He told me.
I'll be dogged.
I didn't know about ha.
Come on, baby.
Let's go in the house.

Hey, look.
Does my belly look flat
as it did yesterday?

- Of course it does.
- Are you sure? Because it feels bloated.

Sugar, it's not.
Come on.

You'll have to promise me
that you won't leave me if I get fat.

[Kids Shouting]
Hand me them candy corn,
will you, sugar?

- Sure, baby.
- Thank you, baby.

Honey, it ain't that I don't
wanna go see your mama.

It's that we can't afford
to go to Nashville and back.
I done told you that.

I takes gas money
o go places.

You don't wanna go see my mama 'cause
you hate her. I bet if Rose wanted...

Oh, come on.
Don't start that shit with me again.