Double Take

Delores, sit still, bitch.
Hey. Hey, that's one
of those old-school hip-hop beats.

That's like some Run D.M.C.
That's more like Grandmaster Flash.
No, no, no. That's definitely Run D.M.C.
Man, listen to the grooves.

Come on.
What you know about hip-hop?

- You got that. You got that.
- Huh? This is "mus-ack. "

Man, it's kind of phat, though.
- I like the little mariachi horns, man.
- Yeah, that's tight. That's tight.

- What you doin'? Leave that on.
- Oh, all right.

You don't know nothin'
about that music.

- What?
- Mus-ack.

Definitely don't know nothin'
about dancing to no mus-ack.

Son, you better recognize,
all right? I got skills.

- Skills?
- Serious skills.

Oh, show me some of them skills,
Mr. Wall Street Executive.

- Is that a challenge?
- Yes, that's a challenge.

Hold this.
- Why, sure.
- I'm D.C., boy.

Well, let me check Chocolate City out.
Dark chocolate.
Free your mind,
and your ass will follow.

You might be from the projects.
- Ah, son!
- That had to hurt.