Double Take

- What you doin'? Leave that on.
- Oh, all right.

You don't know nothin'
about that music.

- What?
- Mus-ack.

Definitely don't know nothin'
about dancing to no mus-ack.

Son, you better recognize,
all right? I got skills.

- Skills?
- Serious skills.

Oh, show me some of them skills,
Mr. Wall Street Executive.

- Is that a challenge?
- Yes, that's a challenge.

Hold this.
- Why, sure.
- I'm D.C., boy.

Well, let me check Chocolate City out.
Dark chocolate.
Free your mind,
and your ass will follow.

You might be from the projects.
- Ah, son!
- That had to hurt.

- All right.
- Here. Limp your way back over here.

- Let me show you how it's done.
- Please take the stage.

Tag, I'm it.
Let me show you how I used to do it...

before I joined the Bureau.
See, we used to take it up
like that there, nice and easy.

Then we... huh, huh, huh...
bring it around like that.

- Ohhh.
- Then we'd... huh... bring it.

Drop it like it's hot.
Tick, tick, tick, tick,
tick, tick, tick, tick...

tick, tick, tick.
Take it back to Beat Street, baby.
Look out!

Crazy legs.
You gotta hit it like this
and bring it down like this.

Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Ah, hell, no! Come back here!
- I'm gonna whoop your ass!
- Bye-bye, biatch!

I'm gonna kill him.
Let's walk, girl.

You got four legs. You walk. Shit.
Come on.
Double-time, double-time.