Double Take

Why do you think I had us change
clothes at Penn Station...

under the auspices
of being a criminal, mister?

And the dog... Oh, the dog is the centre
of this entire investigation.

Oh, yeah.
You didn't know that, did you?

- No. I was under the auspices that it was a tracking device.
- Shut up.

Get up. You coming with me. Get up!
Ooh, ooh, I'm sorry. You may want
to hold on to that tracking device.

That's all right.
I can throw a bullet at you.

Don't you go nowhere.
You wait right there.

Baby, you keep guard, all right? Hey, wait
a minute, fool! Come here! Hold on, mister!

I threw a ring down the toilet
'Cause that's
where our love went

All right. Let me guess.
Somebody tried to kill you.

T.J. McCready miraculously
shows up and shoots him.

- Yep. That's it.
- That's the oldest trick in the book, man.

At the Bureau,
we call it the double take.

If you'd have looked twice,
you'd have seen what really happened.

- So that didn't really happen?
- Nah. It's all smoke and mirrors.

See, Thomas Chela is Minty Gutierrez.
They're one in the same.

The Gutierrez drug cartel ring a bell?
He's the guy with the glass eye...

floatin' all over his shit, kind of got
that Sammy Davis thing happening, man.

Hey, wait a minute. You mean
Don Carlos Cola is a drug front?

Exactly. Governor Quintana was working
with the United States Government.

I get the drop that somebody's
tryin' to assassinate him...

get there a couple of minutes late,
get caught on camera inside his house.

Thus the dilemma I find myself in
at this particular junction.

- Man, you didn't even do this then.
- Hell, no. I didn't murder nobody, unfortunately.

Governor Quintana, he was trying to slow
the drug flow into the United States.

I mean,
how good is that for the kids?

- That's some serious shit, Freddy.
- Yeah. No shit.

- You're being framed.
- Exactly.

By the same people
that are trying to frame you.

- You FBI. You can go talk to them. They can clear me. They can clear you.
- No, no, no, no.

This is my point exactly. The FBI
has no jurisdiction in Mexico.