So, what about me?
How do I look?
Or do you still hate answering
loaded questions?

Go ahead, ask me.
-You love him?
-I love a lot of things.

-Why marry him?
-He's a younger, better you.

-You want to know more?

You left me, with nothing,
I might add.

Just as Memo and I are starting to
get something here, you steal his job.

And he still likes you.
How pathetic is that?

I don't understand this
"brotherhood of speed" crap.

Just answer me one question.
Does hurting me make you feel better,
or does that come naturally?

You think you were better than me.
You weren't.


Hey, did Cathy say anything bad?
She better not. Look at you.
How you been, good? Huh?

Listen, I'm sorry about all this.
Somebody had to do it,
why not an old friend?

That makes it even worse.
-You never called about our wedding.
-No, I didn't.

Hey, friends don't do that.
If they have problems, they talk.
We always did that.

Sometimes good things happen
from bad ones.

But, if it'd make you happy...
-...l'll divorce her.
-Memo, what are you doing?

Right now, right here, today.
I'm divorced.

But only if you marry me.
-Get out. Come on.
-Please. You know, I get so lonely.

Yeah, you look like you're lonely.
I just want to enjoy my life.
My real life...

...not this one.