Stupid bitch.
-So, are you two enjoying the evening?
-I'll wait over there.

If you win a championship,
what would you do first?

I don't know, really.
You've had some peaks
and valleys over the season.

What have you learned?
What have you learned
that you never realized before?

-That it's another world.
-Where air is rare.

Your team can take it all
with a strong show in Germany.

How do you prepare
for something like--?

There you have it, James Bly obviously
very pensive about the upcoming race.

-Yeah, well--
-What's happening?

-What's it look like?

-You came with me.
-Maybe she'll leave with you...

...but what I have to say
you don't need to hear.

Just let him talk.
It doesn't mean anything.

-Yes, it does mean something.
-What, Beau? What does it mean?

We should probably just go.
Sophia, let's go.

-Don't do that.
-Don't do what?

-That's none of your business.
-Come on. What's going on?

-It's nothing, DeMille.
-Back off.

Come with me for a second.
Can I talk to you?

-You're doing this all wrong.
-I know.

I do everything wrong.
-Excuse us.
-I can't believe this is happening.

I don't want to spend
more time away from you.

I miss you.
I miss you too.

Do not go over there. Trust me.
Jimmy, please. Calm down, calm down.

Don't blow this. Not over her.
This is not eighth-grade prom.

How you act,
these things are important.

-Jesus Christ!
-He's giving her a ring.

-That's not good.
-Please take it back.

Whatever it is, you can deal
with it later. This is not the time.

Just work with me on this.