Earth vs. the Spider

-What's up, Papa Nick?
-Hey. How's tricks?

-Okay, l guess.
-"Okay"? "Okay"?

You're 23, your prostate's the size
of a pea, and you got two good legs.

You ungrateful punk. The world
should be great. It's beautiful.

-Want a bite of my sandwich?
-I'm okay.

-Bologna with Kalamata olive spread.
-No, thanks.

All right, then.
Let's make our rounds, kid.

-So you ask her out this morning?

Who? Who? The goddess
of the hallway, Stephanie who.

-No, l didn't.

No. You know, Nick, you can't....
There's some girls
that you can't approach like that.

You got a point.
Too bad it's on your head.

She's not mean. She's nice.
But she's out of my league.
She wouldn't think twice about me.

You're a good security cop
at an important lab.

You're good at your job.
If she doesn't like that,
that's her problem. You're a good kid.

I'm damned proud of you.
-So any action today?
-Oh, yeah.

A tech is selling plutonium to Arabs
in lab 5. I got illicit meth in 7.

And in 9, Dr. Carson's taking
the longest dump in history.