Earth vs. the Spider

-No, l didn't.

No. You know, Nick, you can't....
There's some girls
that you can't approach like that.

You got a point.
Too bad it's on your head.

She's not mean. She's nice.
But she's out of my league.
She wouldn't think twice about me.

You're a good security cop
at an important lab.

You're good at your job.
If she doesn't like that,
that's her problem. You're a good kid.

I'm damned proud of you.
-So any action today?
-Oh, yeah.

A tech is selling plutonium to Arabs
in lab 5. I got illicit meth in 7.

And in 9, Dr. Carson's taking
the longest dump in history.

Poor little bastards. Every day
getting sliced and diced. For what?

Hey, hey, hey. There's Hairy Larry.
Hairy Larry. Nick, you kill me.
That baby's new.
They must have installed that
last night.

I wonder what it's for.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
That has got to hurt.

-What did they do that for?
-I don't know.

-Larry must have something special.
-Yeah, makes him invincible.

That's why they pump the others
with his mojo juice.

Quentin. Hey, Quentin!
-What time is it?
-Almost 6.

We kept the place safe
one more day.