Earth vs. the Spider

Poor little bastards. Every day
getting sliced and diced. For what?

Hey, hey, hey. There's Hairy Larry.
Hairy Larry. Nick, you kill me.
That baby's new.
They must have installed that
last night.

I wonder what it's for.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
That has got to hurt.

-What did they do that for?
-I don't know.

-Larry must have something special.
-Yeah, makes him invincible.

That's why they pump the others
with his mojo juice.

Quentin. Hey, Quentin!
-What time is it?
-Almost 6.

We kept the place safe
one more day.

What is with you and these comics?
My kid used to read that crap,
but he was 1 0.

I don't know.
I guess they're like dreams.
Colour dreams.

There's one guy in the whole world
that has something different.

And there comes this moment when
someone needs exactly what he has...

...and he saves them.
He stops the killer and he's a hero.

When you read it,
you can imagine you're the guy.

I mean, if you had something special.
-Don't you have dreams?

Not about guys dressed up like bugs.
They're about Stella Stevens.

-Before your time.

They're at it late in Lab 1 0.
Are you ready for one last round?