Earth vs. the Spider

-What's the other reason?
-Her husband.

Detective Grillo. Poor bastard fell
in love with a uniform junkie.

Trixie back there loves
the tough guys.

But Grillo? l guess he ain't
tough enough, you know?

He's not?
I'll tell you this.
Cops sit around here and talk about
how Grillo went soft on the shield.

His partner got blasted away
six months ago by some dust freak.

Grillo headlight-froze. Panicked.
Couldn't shoot the perp.

Understand? He's in need
of some serious respect.

And he just walked through the door.
Uh-oh, Dad's here.
-Let's go home.
-Golly, l just got here.

Sorry to interrupt
the mourning of your partner.

-At least l tried to save my partner.
-Still, he's at the morgue.

They take guns from guys
who can't use them.

Take them.
Pop, where l come from...
...if the juice is empty,
you throw away the carton.

Yeah, Jack.
What are you gonna do about it?

-Let's go.
-Let me go! You are so rude!

-You're drunk.
-I am not drunk!

Hey, Grillo!
You need help catching
the Midtown Murderer, give me a call.