El Hijo de la novia

Commendatore! A coffee?
-Stretto. -All right.

Hi, dad.
-Where to?
-To see mom. Wanna come?

-l can't, l'm very busy.
-You're always busy.

-You haven't seen her in a year.
-No. When was the last time?

Last October.
That was... a year ago.

And we all had a lousy time.
She didn't like before
she likes even less now.

She doesn't even remember.
Come on.

-She'll be happy.
-No, l can't.

lt's her birthday.
There you are.
Where were you?

The suppliers are on my back
and l have no money.

-You don't know what...
-No, YOU don't know!

You just lost your job.
-Get the money or else!
-Don't you touch me!

-Rafa, stop!
-Are you crazy?

l'll kill you! l'll kill you,
you lazy bastard!

-Stop, Rafa!
-l'll kill you!

See that coward run.
He's no match for Zorro!
-Here's my faithful Bernardo
who poses as a moron. -Moron!


Buy Mascarpone. Today's special:
Tiramisu ''Norma''.

Nacho's too slow, dad.
You gotta be...
Or you're dead.

He's not up for it.
Nobody else will give him a job.

-He's your cousin, give him a hand.
-A brain would be better.