Enterprise: Broken Bow

The Ventral Plating Team says they'll be done in about three days.
Be sure they match the color to the nacelle housings.
- You aiming to sit on the hull and pose for some postcards?
- Maybe...

God, she's beautiful
And fast. Warp 4.5 next Thursday.
Neptune and back in six minutes.
- Let's take a look at the lateral sensor array.
- Give me a sec.

Slow down...There.
Those are the ports that buckled during the last test.
They need to be reinforced.

- Great. You scratched the paint.
- Sorry.

Orbital 6.
- Captain Archer, sir?
- Go ahead.
- Admiral Forrest needs you at Starfleet Medical right away.

- Who was chasing him?
- We don't know.

They were incinerated in the methane explosion,
and the farmer's description was vague at best.
How did they get here? What kind of ship?
They were using some kind of stealth technology. We're still analyzing our sensor logs.
I'd like to see those logs.
The Klingons made it very clear... they want to expedite this.
It happened on our soil.
That's irrelevant.
Ambassador... with all due respect,
we have a right to know what's going on here.

You'll be apprised of all pertinent information.
And just who gets to decide what's pertinent?
- Admiral.
- John... I think you know everyone.