Enterprise: Broken Bow

- Great. You scratched the paint.
- Sorry.

Orbital 6.
- Captain Archer, sir?
- Go ahead.
- Admiral Forrest needs you at Starfleet Medical right away.

- Who was chasing him?
- We don't know.

They were incinerated in the methane explosion,
and the farmer's description was vague at best.
How did they get here? What kind of ship?
They were using some kind of stealth technology. We're still analyzing our sensor logs.
I'd like to see those logs.
The Klingons made it very clear... they want to expedite this.
It happened on our soil.
That's irrelevant.
Ambassador... with all due respect,
we have a right to know what's going on here.

You'll be apprised of all pertinent information.
And just who gets to decide what's pertinent?
- Admiral.
- John... I think you know everyone.

Not everyone.
- He's a Klingot.
- A Kling-Qn.

- Where'd he come from?
- Oklahoma.

A corn farmer named Moore shot him
with a plasma rifle,

says it was self-defense.
Fortunately, Soval and I have maintained close contact
with Kronos since the incident occurred.

- Kronos?
- It's the Klingon's homeworld.

This gentleman is some sort of courier. Evidently, he was
carrying crucial information back to his people.

When he was nearly killed by your "farmer".
Ambassador Soval thinks it would be best if we push off
your launch until we've cleared this up.

Well, isn't that a surprise?
You'd think they'd've come up with something a little more
imaginative this time.

Sarcasm aside, Captain, the last thing your people need
is to make an enemy of the Klingon Empire.

If we hadn't convinced them to let us take
Klaang's corpse back to Kronos,