Enterprise: Broken Bow

Listen to me. You're making a mistake!
When your logic doesn't work,
you raise your voice?

You have been on Earth too long.
I had a feeling their approach
wouldn't sit too well with you.
Don't screw this up.

I heard this platform's been
approved for bio-transport.

I presume you mean fruits and vegetables.
I mean Armory Officers and Helmsmen.
I don't think I'm quite
ready to have my molecules
compressed into a data stream.

- They claim it's safe.
- Do they indeed?

Well, I certainly hope the Captain
doesn't plan on making us use it.

Don't worry, from what I'm told,
he wouldn't even put his dog through this thing.

This is ridiculous. I asked for plasma coils
and they sent me a case of valve sealant.

There's no chance I can have the
weapons on-line in three days.

We're just taking a sick man back to his
homeworld... why do we need weapons?

Didn't you read the profile
report on these Klingons?

Apparently, they sharpen their teeth before
they go into battle.

No doubt Mister Tucker will reassure me
that my equipment will be here tomorrow.
"Keep your shirt on, Lieutenant. "

Is it me, or does the artificial gravity
seem a bit heavy?

Feels all right... Earth sea level.
My father always kept it at 0.8 G.
He thought it put a little spring in his step.