Enterprise: Broken Bow

- They claim it's safe.
- Do they indeed?

Well, I certainly hope the Captain
doesn't plan on making us use it.

Don't worry, from what I'm told,
he wouldn't even put his dog through this thing.

This is ridiculous. I asked for plasma coils
and they sent me a case of valve sealant.

There's no chance I can have the
weapons on-line in three days.

We're just taking a sick man back to his
homeworld... why do we need weapons?

Didn't you read the profile
report on these Klingons?

Apparently, they sharpen their teeth before
they go into battle.

No doubt Mister Tucker will reassure me
that my equipment will be here tomorrow.
"Keep your shirt on, Lieutenant. "

Is it me, or does the artificial gravity
seem a bit heavy?

Feels all right... Earth sea level.
My father always kept it at 0.8 G.
He thought it put a little spring in his step.

After being raised on cargo ships,
it must've felt like you had lead
in your boots when you got to Earth.

Beautiful! Lock it off right there!
I believe you missed a spot.
Commander Tucker, ensign
Travis Mayweather. He just arrived.

Our "Space Boomer."
How fast have you gotten her?
Warp 4... we'll be going to 4.5 as soon as
we clear Jupiter.

- Think you can handle it?
- 4.5...

Pardon me, but if I don't realign the
deflector, the first grain of space-dust

we come across will blow a hole through
this ship the size of your fist.

Keep your shirt on, Lieutenant.
Your equipment'll be here in the morning.