Enterprise: Broken Bow

- I need someone with your ear.
- And you'll have her... in 3 weeks.

What's that?
Ambassador Soval gave us a sampling of
their linguistic database.

I thought you said the Vulcans
were opposed to this.

They are. But we agreed to make
a few... compromises.

What do you know about these... Klingons?
Not much. An empire of warriors...
with 80 poly-guttural dialects
constructed on an adaptive syntax.

Turn it up.
Think about it. You'd be the first
human to talk to these people.

Do you really want someone else
to do it?

Since when do we have
Vulcan Science Officers?

Since we needed starcharts to get to Kronos.
So we get a few maps... and
they get to put a spy on our ship?

Admiral Forrest says we should think
of her more as a "chaperone."

I thought the whole point of this
was to get away from the Vulcans.

4 days there, 4 days back...
then she's gone.

In the meantime, we're to
extend her every courtesy.

I don't know [...]
Here we go.
Come in.

This confirms that I was formally
transferred to your command at oh
eight hundred hours. Reporting for duty.

Is there a problem?
No, sir
Oh, I forgot... Vulcan females
have a heightened sense of smell.

I hope Porthos isn't
too offensive to you.

I've been trained to
tolerate offensive situations.