Enterprise: Broken Bow

Warp 4.3, sir.
- Not much of a change.
- I don't know... does anybody
else feel that?

- Feel what?
- Those... vibrations...
like little tremors.

You're imagining it.
Bring us to 4.4, ensign.
There! What do you call that?
The warp reactor was recalibrating.
It shouldn't happen again.
I was instructed to speak English
during this voyage. I'd appreciate
it if you'd respect that.

It's easy to get a little jumpy when you're travelling
at 30 million kilometers a second.

Should be old-hat in a week's time.
- Archer.
- This is Doctor Phlox, Captain.
Our patient is regaining consciousness.

On my way.

- What's wrong?
- The translator's not locking onto his dialect...

the syntax won't align.
Tell him we're taking him home.
He wants to know who we are
- He's asking for his ship back.
- Say it was destroyed.

I'm not sure... but I think
he's saying something about
"eating the afterlife".

Try the translator again.
I'm going to need to run what we've
got through the phonetic processor.

He says... "his wife has grown ugly."
I'm sorry, Captain...
I'm doing the best I can.