Enterprise: Broken Bow

Where is it?
I don't know.
We're not going to harm you.
Tell me where it is.

I don't know.
Are you certain he's telling the truth?
Absolutely certain.
Did you leave it on your ship...
did you hide it somewhere...
is it on Enterprise?

I don't know what you're looking for.
What were you doing on Rigel 10?
I was sent to meet someone.
- Who
- A Suliban female... named Sarin.

And what did Sarin give you?
Keep him alive while I'm gone.
Once we've disembarked,
we'll be descending into
the trade complex.

It's comprised of 36 levels...
Your translators have been programmed
for Rigelian. However, there are
other species working on the colony.

Many of them are known to be
impatient with newcomers.

None of them have seen a human before.
You have a tendency to be... gregarious.
I suggest you try to restrain that tendency.

You forgot to warn us about
drinking the water.

Doctor Phlox isn't concerned
with the food and water.

. But he does caution against intimate contact.
The Vulcans told us Klaang was a courier.
If he was here to get something, then whoever
gave it to him might know why he was taken.


a seven foot Klingon doesn't
go unnoticed.