Enterprise: Broken Bow

I have no reason to believe
Klaang is still alive...

but if the Suliban woman
was telling the truth,

it's crucial that we
try to find him.

Computer, pause.
Have you ever known a
Vulcan to return a favor?

No, neither have I.
Resume log.
I still haven't decided whether
to ask Sub-Commander T'Pol about
this "Temporal Cold War."

My instincts tell me
not to trust her.

Computer, pause.
- Archer to T'Pol. Report.
- If you're feeling well enough to come to the Bridge,

now would be a good time.
It's a gas giant.
From the looks of it, a Class 6 or 7.
Class Seven.
The Suliban vessel dropped
to impulse a few hours ago
and altered course.

Their new heading took them through
its outer- radiation belt.

We've lost them?
Move us in closer.
The radiation's dissipated
their warp trail. I'm only
picking up fragments.

You finished helping us?
Run a spectral analysis
of the fragments.

There's too much distortion...
the decay rates don't even match.

Calculate the trajectory of each

- Sir?
- You heard her.

Recalibrate the sensor array --
narrow-band, short-to-mid-range.

Measure the particle density
of the thermosphere.