Enterprise: Broken Bow

Their new heading took them through
its outer- radiation belt.

We've lost them?
Move us in closer.
The radiation's dissipated
their warp trail. I'm only
picking up fragments.

You finished helping us?
Run a spectral analysis
of the fragments.

There's too much distortion...
the decay rates don't even match.

Calculate the trajectory of each

- Sir?
- You heard her.

Recalibrate the sensor array --
narrow-band, short-to-mid-range.

Measure the particle density
of the thermosphere.

Those "fragments" weren't from one Suliban ship...
...they were from 14...
and all within the last six hours.
I believe we've found what we're looking for.

How are your targeting scanners?
Aligned and ready, sir.
Bring the weapons on-line...
and polarize the hull plating.
Lay in a sixty degree vector.
Vamos a entrar
- Did Sarin give them anything?
- I don't know.
- What do you know?

- They followed us here.
- Looking for Klaang, or for you?

I don't know... but I'll destroy
them before they locate the Helix.

We didn't plan to involve the
humans or the Vulcans...

not yet .
Sarin's message cannot reach Kronos.