Freddy Got Fingered

Way to go, Betty.
Yeah, hi.
Do you think that I pay you to stand
around watching TV? Get back to work.

- Sorry, kid. I don't think this'll work out.
- Don't call me kid.

Sir, although I respect your authority here
at Submarine Supreme...

...and I admire your position of power...
...I regretfully am going to have to again
bow out of the sandwich industry...

...because in reality I am an animator.
I'm an animator, OK?
See ya.
- Where the hell d'you think you're going?
- To get a job, Dad. OK?

- You must think I'm a damn idiot.
- Uh... yes.

Bullshit, you're getting a job!
You're a liar. You're grounded, you liar.
- Grounded? I'm 28 years old.
- I don't care! Go to your room.

Bye-bye, Daddy. Bye-bye, Daddy.
I'm going to get a jobbie!

No, you're not!
Not in this damn car you're not!

- Bye-bye, Daddy.
- Fuck you! Thief! Thief! Thief!

- Where the fuck is he?
- Mr. Brody?

- Where's my son?
- What?

Where is he?
Mr. Brody, please! I don't know. Agh!
Are you gonna tell me, you little punk-ass?
He's in Hollywood, selling his cartoons.
Japan 4!
OK. Davidson for four...
Mr. Davidson, I have
something you need to see.

- Is there a bomb in there, Gord?
- It's not a bomb.

I did what you told me. I quit my shitty
cheese job, moved in with my parents.

I worked really hard and
I came up with a concept. It's called: