From Hell

...l'd look for someone with
a thorough knowledge of human anatomy.

Damn him.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
[Bell tolling]
[Children shouting]
Want me to suck it?
I can suck the Thames dry.
Don't be frightened, dearie.
QUEEN: How far advanced
is our grandson's malady?

SIR WILLIAM: No lesions have appeared.
There is some neural damage,
slight trembling of the right hand...

...but I'm more than hopeful,
the treatment will arrest the disease.

He seems, to us,
to be suffering greatly in his mind.

Is the disease affecting his emotions?
Yes, of course, his mood is depressed...
...because of the news of the diagnosis.
But that should improve
as he regains his strength.

You are a true physician, Sir William.
In all ways,
you attend to the health of our empire.

We are grateful.
Thank you, ma'am.
FREDERICK: This is the beginning
of a five-pointed star.