Gosford Park

Well, you better go down again
before anyone catches you.

Just a minute.
- What?
- Nothing.

- Do you want a drink?
- Sure.

So what do you make
of the place?

Is this a well-run house,
would you say?

Do you think Sir William
would be good to work for?

How long you been
doing this?

- What?
- Valeting?

About seven years.
I was a footman before that.

And working for Lord Stockbridge--
is that a promotion?

I used to be with
the Earl of Flintshire.

Then why did you move?
'Cause I felt like it.
Who's that?
- That's my mother.
- Where's she live?

She doesn't. That's why
they put me in an orphanage.

That's right. Sorry.
What happened to her?
What do you mean?
I mean, why did she die?
Was she young?

Was it in child birth?
You're not very curious,
are you?

Yeah, she was young.
She worked in a factory.

She had me.
A little while later, she died.

End of story.
Then why didn't you say
she was a factory worker at dinner?

'Cause I didn't fancy discussing
my private life
with a table full of strangers.

I'm sorry if I spoke
out of turn, mate.

Didn't mean to offend you.
I'm not offended.
And don't call me "mate."