Hedwig and the Angry Inch

The origin of love
The origin of love
Now there was
three sexes then

One that looked like two men
glued up back-to-back

They called
the children of the sun

And similar
in shape and girth

Was the children
of the Earth

They looked like two girls
rolled up in one

And the children
of the moon

Looked like a fork
shoved on a spoon

They was part sun,
part earth

Part daughter, part son
The origin of love
Now the gods
grew quite scared

Of our strength
and defiance

And Thor said
"I'm gonna kill 'em all
with my hammer

Like I killed
the giants"

ButZeus said
"No, you better
let me

Use my lightning
like scissors

Like I cut the legs
off the whales

Dinosaurs into lizards"
And then he grabbed up
some bolts

He let out a laugh
Said, "I'll split them
right down the middle

Gonna cut them
right up in half"

And the storm clouds
gathered above

Into great balls
of fire

And then fire
Shot down from the sky
in bolts

Like shining blades
of a knife

And they ripped
right through the flesh

Of the children
of the sun

And the moon
and the earth

And some lndian god
Sewed the wound up
into a hole

Pulled it round
to our bellies

To remind us
the price we pay

And Osiris,
and the gods of the Nile