Hedwig and the Angry Inch

In the year I was born,
The Wall went up.

And many people decided
to move west to freedom.

Mother threw me
into a wheelbarrow

and headed east.
The Communists
gave her a job

teaching sculpture
to limbless children.

Most of my time
was spent

to American Forces Radio.

We are freaks
We follow the code of freaks
We are freaks!

We stand back
We are freaks

We do what we please
and do what we choose

We are bad...
Our apartment
was so small,

that mother made me play
in the oven.

One of us,
one of us...

Late at night,
I would listen to the voices
of the American masters:

Toni Tenille,
Debby Boone,

Anne Murray--
who was actually a Canadian,

working in
the American idiom.

And then there were
the crypto-homo rockers:

Lou Reed, lggy Pop,
David Bowie--
who was actually an idiom

working in America
and Canada.

These artists,
they left as deep
an impression on me

as that oven rack
did on my face.

To be a young American
in muskrat love,

soft as an easy chair,
not even the chair,

"I am," I said,
"Have I never been mellow?"

And the coloured girls sing...
Do, do-do, do-do,
do, do-do

Do, do-do, do-do,
do, do-do