Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Late at night,
I would listen to the voices
of the American masters:

Toni Tenille,
Debby Boone,

Anne Murray--
who was actually a Canadian,

working in
the American idiom.

And then there were
the crypto-homo rockers:

Lou Reed, lggy Pop,
David Bowie--
who was actually an idiom

working in America
and Canada.

These artists,
they left as deep
an impression on me

as that oven rack
did on my face.

To be a young American
in muskrat love,

soft as an easy chair,
not even the chair,

"I am," I said,
"Have I never been mellow?"

And the coloured girls sing...
Do, do-do, do-do,
do, do-do

Do, do-do, do-do,
do, do-do

Do, do-do, do-do
Do, do-do, do,
do-do, do-do...

But never
with the melody.

How could I do it better
than Toni or Lou?

"Hey, boy...
take a walk
on the wild side!"

By my side
You will be the one
Lying by my side
Lying by my side
Lying by my side.