Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Luther is silent for a moment
as he stares at my...

"Iittle bishop
in a turtleneck."

Well, you must
like candy.

I like Gummi Baerchen.
The taste is completely
different from a Gummi Bear,

yet somehow familiar.
It's much sweeter
than a Gummi Bear.

And softer, too.
I feel
so optimistic.

I suddenly recognised
the flavour in my mouth--

it's the taste
of power.

Damn, Hansel.
I can't believe
you're not a girl.

You're so fine.
Why don't you take
the whole bag?

He searches my face
for news of his fate.

His expression is echoed
in scores of tiny faces,

pressing against
clear plastic,

panting faces of every
imaginable colour,

and non-Aryan origin,

fogging up the bag
Iike the windows
of a Polish bathhouse.

I stumbled naked
through the ruins,

back towards blander,
less complicated confections,

Ieaving in my wake,
a trail of rainbow carnage.

Next day, Hansel follows
the trail back,

and on his way
finds a Milky Way,

a roll of Necco Wafers,
some Pop Rocks,
and a giant-sized Sugar Daddy
named Luther.