Hedwig and the Angry Inch

It's something
to be seen.

You could give me
a cavity, honey.

They swarm
to wildflowers

Get nectar
for the queen.

I bet you could fill
that cavity, sweetie.

And everything
you bring me

Got me dripping
like a honeycomb

If you got
some sugar for me

Sugar daddy,
bring it home.

It's a car wash,
ladies and gentlemen.

Whoa, the thrill
of control

Like a blitzkrieg
on the roll

It's the sweetest taste
I've known

Oh yeah
If you've got some sugar,
bring it home

Ba-da ba-da do
Come on, sugar daddy,
bring it home.

He loves me, Mother.
He wants to marry me...
and get me the hell
out of here.

Get my passport
and my camera, Hansel.

It's a simple
cut-and-paste job.

We change
the photo,

and you can use my name--
Hedwig Schmidt.

Not so simple,

you know
I love you.

I'm always
thinking of you.

But I gotta
marry you here,

in East Berlin.
And that means a full
physical examination.

They'd see right away
that I have a--

No, baby.
To walk away...
you gotta...
Ieave something