Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Get my passport
and my camera, Hansel.

It's a simple
cut-and-paste job.

We change
the photo,

and you can use my name--
Hedwig Schmidt.

Not so simple,

you know
I love you.

I'm always
thinking of you.

But I gotta
marry you here,

in East Berlin.
And that means a full
physical examination.

They'd see right away
that I have a--

No, baby.
To walk away...
you gotta...
Ieave something

Am I right,
Mrs Schmidt?

I've always thought so,

To be free,
one must give up
a little part of oneself.

And I know just
the doctor to take it.

My sex change operation
got botched

My guardian angel
fell asleep on the watch

Now all I've got
is a Barbie doll crotch

I've got an angry inch
Six inches forward,
five inches back

I got a--
I got an angry inch

Six inches forward
and five inches back

I got a--
I got an angry inch

I'm from the land where you
still hear the cries

I had to get out,
had to sever all ties

I changed my name
and assumed a disguise