Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Please don't say
anything to him today.

If you do,
he's got the power,

know what I mean?
He's got the power!

All we need
is a snapshot,

then they'll know
that you were responsible

for some of the biggest
hits of the millennium,

and you will be
so fucking rich!

Damn it, looks like
the photographer's already inside.

stay right here.

Hedwig, Hedwig,

please don't
say anything.

Let me handle it.
- Phyllis Stein party.
- Who are you with?

We're A&R from A&M.
Actually, this is
a private event.

I'm sorry.
- Private event?
- Mm-hmm.

As in, "You're not
on the list."

As in,
"Find it."

I'm looking,
and you know what?

It's not here.
- Justin!
- Get out of my fucking way!

Settle down.
- I could have your job!
- I don't think you could.

- Bitches!
- Where's my fucking brooch?

We're going to continue
to shadow Tommy's tour.

We're going to squeeze
the local press.

I do not want
to blow our wad

on my E! channel contact
until we get to New York.

It's all about
New York.

Honey, I've thought
about it,

I think it's a bad idea,
this photo-op.

It was your idea.
I'm second-guessing
myself now. I think...

I don't think
you should have

any personal contact
with Tommy.

- I guess we disagree.
- Honey, we do disagree,

- but please listen.
- Did you--

excuse me, did you put
a bra in a dryer?

Did you put a bra
in a dryer?!

How many times
do I have to tell you?

You don't put a bra
in a dryer!

It warps!
Hedwig, please,
it's a bra.

You can have
one of mine. Please!