Hedwig and the Angry Inch

We're going to continue
to shadow Tommy's tour.

We're going to squeeze
the local press.

I do not want
to blow our wad

on my E! channel contact
until we get to New York.

It's all about
New York.

Honey, I've thought
about it,

I think it's a bad idea,
this photo-op.

It was your idea.
I'm second-guessing
myself now. I think...

I don't think
you should have

any personal contact
with Tommy.

- I guess we disagree.
- Honey, we do disagree,

- but please listen.
- Did you--

excuse me, did you put
a bra in a dryer?

Did you put a bra
in a dryer?!

How many times
do I have to tell you?

You don't put a bra
in a dryer!

It warps!
Hedwig, please,
it's a bra.

You can have
one of mine. Please!

You know,
ladies and gentlemen,

the road is my home.
- My home, the road.
- Hear, hear.

And when I think
about all the people

I have come upon
in my travels,

I have to think
about the people

who have come
upon me.

Tommy, can you
hear me?

From this milkless tit,
you sucked
the very business
we call show!